Clash of clans is an amazing game that can really make you entertained as many things look and feel very realistic. You can attack for whole day and can lose the trophies that you have gained. There are also things like dragons, giants etc which can be used for making the game positive for you. You need to know the game in a better way for acting for your favour.clash of clans


For someone to win in attack they need to get at least single star in battle. First star can be obtained by getting about 50 percentage of destruction and also in destroying town hall. If you are doing both then you can gain two stars. For gaining three stars the whole buildings of the enemy should be destroyed. You are aiming to win and also should accept the gaining you made with one star and it is not good for having aims that are unrealistic. It is not possible for you to gain three stars when you are dealing with a tough opponent. Understand your situation and then set your targets. It is good to have 50 percentage of expectation. The best thing to do is to upgrade all the things possible with town hall. You can have better resources then you can easily win the game.


The first thing that you need to do is to formulate a strategy that can really work wonders for you. It is better for you to have a simple strategy that will not confuse you. The strategy is quite simple you need to use one barrack every time for training barbarians and others for loading archers as well as well protected base. It is also important for upgrading troops in the game. Now you have got the idea of what and how to train and it is the time for attacking.

Choosing Opponent

There are certain things that you need to take care when you are choosing an opponent so that you can easily make it possible for winning the game. Make sure that you choose opponent who can provide you with maximum number of trophies and at least 25 trophies. A great opponent to choose is the one who has got so many items there outside walls. You can also choose to attack farmers with less secured town halls. This can be much easier for gaining trophies and also will not take much time in earning them. The common strategy used is to deploy to 5 archers. This is the best way through which number of the trophies can be increased without training more troops. You can also use a hero for destroying an unprotected town hall so there is no need for wasting the troop for this. Hero cannot go through any damage and also can be available immediately for next attack.

Deploying Troops

The multi touch feature that is available in the game can be used by the dropping of troops simultaneously. You can drop trrops from the top towards bottom. This can be a good way to deploy troops.

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